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Lone Star Republic



All positions

We have spots open for all ages and skill levels. We will have Thursday night and Sunday night 11v11 teams, as well as 7v7. We also have open practices each week.

Check us out at lonestarrepublic.com and @lsrsoccer for more info about the club.

Team Name: Beer:30
Email: ktague03@gmail.com
Position Needs: Forward and Defense

Club Needs:
Looking for a player or two at forward and/or defense.

Team Name: SKC Dallas
Email: Johnbassili@yahoo.com
Phone: 4693870355
Position Needs: All positions. Goal Keeper.

Club Needs:
We are always placing players on teams within our growing community. SKC Dallas is recruiting for our Thursday night 11v11 mens division 2 competitive team. Looking for players D1,D2, prior college experience that can commit to Thursday night matches. See you on the pitch!

Team Name: Lost Boys FC
Email: lorencegarcia@gmail.com
Position Needs: All

Club Needs:

Team Name: SportingNTX
Email: sportingntxsoccer@gmail.com
Phone: 2147104501
Position Needs: All

Club Needs:
We are filling spots for all our teams!(DSA, UPSL, MPL) Contact us! Committed players only!

Team Name: Atun United
Email: christiangonzalez2414@gmail.com
Phone: 2145622712
Position Needs: Any/All

Club Needs:
We are looking for players to join us for the 7v7 league. Next season we will join the 11v11 league. We will have tryouts soon. Shoot me a text/email if you're interested in the tryouts.





Division 1 open, Over 30, CoEd, weekend

Can play any position best in defense, played semi pro in Germany, Holland, played in cosmopolitan league and d1 in gssl

Jose Miranda



Over 30, open, any day but Sunday

Defender intermediate looking to get some condition and have no problem covering my part

German Bravo



Men's open Thursday or Sunday

Goalkeeper, college 2 years (2001-2002)

David Arroyo



Over 30 or Over 40

I have been playing since I was 4. I have played every position but prefer to play outside mid.

Darwin Herrera



Men's open Sunday

Played in high school and have been playing amateur since then.

Ivan Flores



1st division on Sunday’s open league or open to 2nd division on Sundays

I have played at a club and collegiate level. Recently, I’ve played in NTPSA at 1st and 2nd division  I can play right back, center back, or wing in the midfield.

From: Jordan Almaguer
Email: jordanalmaguer23@yahoo.com
Phone: 469-394-9791
Division: Any división or day 11v11

Message Body:
I play defense and midfiled... I played goalie in middle school but haven't played that position since.

Name: Angel
Email: ruiza499@gmail.com
Phone: 4695692962
Division: Doesnt matter 26 years old Thursday

I can play any position in the midfield

Name: Thomas Blankenship
Email: thmsblnk90@gmail.com
Phone: 2146813520
Division: 11 v 11 Sunday, 29 yo

Played HS soccer for a couple years, played indoor soccer for 4 years about 2 years ago. I'll play anywhere except goalie I'm only 5'5" 130. I'm looking to play some outdoor after playing 4 years of indoor.

Name: David o
Email: choncho.jo@gmail.com
Phone: 9152556918
Division: Open

25 year experience looking for a team on open or over 30 in the weekdays

Name: Luke Coffman
Email: lukecoffman25@gmail.com
Phone: 7312347834
Division: 11 v 11 Mens Open Sundays

Center Back or Outside Back. Played soccer at competitive level for 7 years at both the varsity and club level. College student looking to get back into the game at a high level.

Name: Satvir Grewal
Email: satvir.grewal03@gmail.com
Phone: 9799851108
Division: Division not sure. Have played at good level in past. Age 28. Weekends are better

I played for my university team in India as a striker. Has good skills, vision and team attitude

Name: Skyler Simmonds
Email: venezuelan10@yahoo.com
Phone: 8175659757
Division: 11 v 11, open, sundays

Semi pro experience in Europe, 4 years of NCAA soccer experience, and 8 years of club soccer experience.

Play Center Mid or outside mid. Can be used as a center back if needed.

Name: Christian Gonzalez
Email: christiangonzalez2414@gmail.com
Phone: 2145622712
Division: Division 2 11v11 Sunday. Age: 23

Goalkeeper. Sunday league/indoor/7v7 amateur league experience.

Name: Allen
Email: gutierrezallen75@gmail.com
Phone: 4072437920
Division: Division 1 18+ I can play everyday

Ive played high school soccer for 4 years now and been playing soccer my whole life my main position is midfield but i can play any position

Name: Quadri Aregbe
Email: deji21@icloud.com
Phone: 6825562004
Division: I’m ready to play in any division and any day

I currently play in a Sunday league and indoor soccer tournaments. I’m comfortable with both feet and I’m really pacy. I’ve played with keene fc in pre season of upsl and I’ve trained with foro fc also in upsl
I’ve had tryouts with soccer smart.... i can play anywhere upfront as a forward or winger

Name: Arash Sangabadi
Email: arash98shz@gmail.com
Phone: 214-430-2539
Division: division does not matter for me,21 years above, any day

I'm 21 years old, I have experience playing in social leagues in different counties ( Iran,Malaysia,Singapore ) where I got the top scorer reward in Malaysia and been part of few tournaments here in Dallas. my main position is striker but I also play as wing.

Name: Alexander Aguilar
Email: aguilar3638@gmail.com
Phone: (682) 712-3648
Division: 1

Defensa central o lateral

Name: Matthew Allen Farris
Email: matthew.a.farris@gmail.com
Phone: 2816837662
Division: Open, Competitive, Thursday

Lifelong soccer player. I can play anywhere on the field but primarily play outside midfield or forward. Most recently played in Houston's HFA premier division.

Name: Saul Pacheco
Email: sr.pacheco70@gmail.com
Phone: +18329963528
Division: OV40 Sundays

40 years playing it would be enough experience to play on this division, I played open League 4 of Fort Worth from 2005 through 2013, Sandy Lake open league in Dallas through 2017, Liga Interamericana de Salt Lake City UT from 2000 to 2005 City Indoor at Spectrum Soccer of Richardson, & Blue Sky of Carrollton and Liga Chihuahua Primera Fuerza from 1987 through 2000
Infant and juvenile from 1979 to 1987.
So this it will be my first experience playing OV40 11V11, am an active and committed player with planty of experience and ready to play.

Name: Joel Sharpe
Email: joelandsum@gmail.com
Phone: 775-781-0090
Division: Over 30

In addition to playing as a kid, I have been playing in adult soccer leagues for over 15 years. I have also coached soccer for the past 10 years, and I currently coach for a middle school program. I am 6'2", fit, and play best along the back line or defensive mid positions. I am flexible though and willing to play anywhere.

Name: Olatunji odutola
Email: odutolaola01s@gmail.com
Phone: 2145806952
Division: Division1 18-25

Attacking midfield

Name: Roberto Dominguez
Email: robertcarlosdominguez@gmail.com
Phone: 2147143066
Division: 1st division and whatever day it falls on.

I currently play upsl(semi-pro) honestly I’m versatile any where you need me I’ll play bedside goaly, lol

Name: Brandon Rodgers
Email: brandon.rodgers1987@gmail.com
Phone: 9725335731
Division: Any

Played NTPSA 1A and 1B for last 8 years, played Dallas Soccer Alliance open division last season, and played college. Play CB/CDM, and anywhere on the back line

Name: Cristiano Nascimento
Email: cfn0007@yahoo.com

Division: O40

Plays both side of the field on back or midfield. Just turned 40. Played divisions 3,2,1B, 30B and A NTPSA. Looking for a scrimmage and we can go from there. Fees $ are not a problems.

Name: Bogdan Ristic
Email: risticbogdan@gmail.com
Phone: 5103181537
Division: Coed 20s-30s is fine. Any weekday in evening or any time on weekends

Just looking to stay in shape so i can get drunk on the weekends guilt-free. I’m male btw.

Name: Roberto cisneros
Email: cisnerober@hotmail.com
Phone: 2149710968
Division: Over 40

I play goalie

Name: Omar alvarado
Email: Omara794@gmail.com
Phone: 2146240942
Division: Over 40

Midfielder n front

Name: Hernando Mendoza
Email: Gatoskr@gmail.com
Phone: 9728017378
Division: Free

Hello I am Colombian I played almost all my life football I even came to play in the Second Division of Colombian professional football I have not played for many years but I want to return to physical activity and I want to return to include myself in a group that has a good level I would like to know if it's possible thanks. I'm 29 years old and my position is in the midfielder

Name: Albert villalpando
Email: albertvillalpando17@yahoo.com
Phone: 4696607466
Division: 30 and up.

10 plus years experience and all around player.

Name: Amuti Subi
Email: subihamut@gmail.com
Phone: 2027515979
Division: age group:20 play weekend

age:26, I played in School and amateur league back in China and Malaysia, I used to play LM and RM most of the time but I can also play AM.

Name: Michah Maldonado
Email: michahmaldonado@gmail.com
Phone: 3175131246
Division: Men’s open

Can pretty much play any position except keeper
High school and college
Mainly winger

Name: jesus rodriguez
Email: jesusrodriguez30@live.com
Phone: 4698350718
Division: D1/D2 11v11 open thursday nights

I play last man but can play any defensive position and Center mid also played highscool ball Classic etc

Name: Curran Bradley
Email: Curran.t.bradley@gmail.com
Phone: 8175226719
Division: Age 26 - looking to play in Men’s division under 30, play on Sundays

Played competitively from age 4-26. Previously played in North Texas Premier League D2. 6’3 Center mid fielder, also able to play left or right mid.

Name: Gustavo Morin
Email: morin.gustavo@yahoo.com
Phone: 9154019282
Division: I’m 26 years old any division is fine, any day

Played Hogh school varsity all 4 years. Elite 8 my senior year. Played college at Illinois central college went into Nationals.
I can play any position

Name: Guillermo rios
Email: pumasrios 1228@hotmail.com
Phone: 2148751936
Division: 30 or 40 I have experience I can play any position

I can play any position not keeper I have 40 years experience I play really god my phone is 2148751936 any time any hour

Name: James Adkins
Email: jpcritical@yahoo.com
Phone: 6827124016
Division: Preferably D1 but open to any.

Total of 10+years experience. Just finished D1 season in Fort Worth and just got the chance to play D3 in the NTPSA. Work schedule has changed so I won’t be able to return to either team.

Name: Omar Gutierrez
Email: o.gutierrez_08@yahoo.com
Phone: 9034663146
Division: 11v11 Open on Sunday

Played soccer my whole life, High School and some College. I play Center Mid or Striker.

Name: Ben Webster
Email: blwebster93@outlook.com
Division: 3147122461

Played through High school and a bit of college. Would prefer striker or right wing but can play anywhere.

Name: Colton Rowell
Email: rowell.colton@gmail.com
Phone: 678.982.8089
Division: 11v11 Men's Open Thursday League, Preferably Div.1 but open to either

I am 22 and play central defender. Played competitively my whole life, growing up in Atlanta and Cleveland. Played in the Midwest Regional League with Pennine FC from 2012-2015, Played in the second division in Georgia for Concorde Fire. Played in competitive men's rec leagues in college from 2015-2019, winning each season. Center back is my strong suite but can play center mid, outside back. See the field well and strong communicator. Looking to play good soccer and enjoy it while getting good results.

Name: David Andrade
Email: sbsoccercup3232@gmail.com
Phone: 915-540-3686
Division: Coed Friday, interested in open saturday as well

I've played soccer since years old. Always on competitive club teams. I played intramural outdoor/ indoor in undergrad. And I've played in numerous adult/ rec leagues the past 4-5 years.

I'm most comfortable playing as a defender on the wing, but I have experience playing in all positions, including keeper.

Name: Flavio
Email: flavio98costarolas@gmail.com
Phone: 5612351003
Division: 21 years old

Im brazillian ive Played my whole life

Name: Cristian Barrera
Email: the61905@hotmail.com
Phone: 9729752823
Division: Division 1 or 2, Men’s open, Thursday’s or Sunday’s

I am a goalkeeper who has played soccer since I was 8, played mostly rec but I have some club experience and I played all 4 years in high school, mostly JV, played in Division 1 in the NTPSA.

Name: Jason A Arias
Email: Jasonarias28@gmail.com
Phone: 9728340105
Division: Mens, 27 years of age, D1, D2. DF, DM, RB

Played NAIA level for Central Christian College of Kansas,
Right back, Defensive Mid,

Name: Leandro Carranza
Email: leandro27061988@gmail.com
Phone: (469) 478-6150
Division: Adult

Medio campo y defensa

Name: Art Cantu Jr
Email: expressiveartphoto@gmail.com
Phone: 9724646503
Division: I'm 37 y/o. My skill level is intermediate.

I can play any position with the least amount of running lol.

Name: Salah
Email: salahpbenabdallah@gmail.com
Phone: (817) 726-0832
Division: Midfielder

I'm looking for team They have a group spirit

Name: leonardo morales
Email: leodaniel_kuete@hotmail.com
Phone: 2148607827

back center

Name: Cesar Escudero
Email: cesar.escudero@yahoo.com
Phone: 2146078184
Division: 27


Name: Jeremy Garnica
Email: jeremygarnica100@gmail.com
Phone: 2149600476
Division: Coed or men’s 7v7 and monday, Tuesday,

Played soccer all the way until about 18 until I got hurt and just trying to get back into it.

Name: Nate Stopper
Email: nathan.stopper@gmail.com
Phone: 5052390717
Division: 7v7 mens Monday.

D3 college player at tufts, Midfield or forward. Played since I was 3. Just moved to Dallas from Atlanta and am looking to get on a team. Reliable and will be there every week.

Name: alex
Email: alexmar-1990@hotmail.com
Division: 7v7

I play in the middle or side position is I want

Name: Islem Boussedi
Email: islemboussedi@gmail.com
Division: Age between 22 -35 yo

Im good player , I played for more than 12 years , im midfielder, LM . Please call - 214-726-2301

Name: Luis Rodríguez
Email: luisrodriguezgonzaga@gmail.com
Phone: 8174043678
Division: Sábado y domingo

Soy de nacionalidad peruano me gusta el fútbol juego de volante central me gustaría jugar en un equipo de futbol

Name: Robert Rivera
Email: rrivera21122@gmail.com
Phone: 9726708837
Division: Any,any,and any

I have been playing soccer for at least 12 years. I just graduated from high school where I played on varsity and went of a undefeated season.

Name: Salomon Stuardo
Email: salomon.stuardo@gmail.com
Phone: 2564933295
Division: I’m 27 years old and willing to play Saturday in the afternoon or Sundays

I used to play my whole life soccer as a center back defender, I haven’t been playing since I stopped college so I’m wishing to play for the love I have to soccer.

Name: Hayden Black
Email: haydenblack1996@yahoo.com
Phone: 3256568925
Division: 24 male. Willing to play any day. No CO-ED.

20 years of experience. Midfielder but willing to play any position.

Name: Jake Minet
Email: jakeminet@gmail.com
Phone: 9132313697
Division: Weekends or late weeknights. Amateur level

I’ve played all throughout growing up and still play in recreationally. Typically play as a wife midfielder or forward

Name: Oyinye N Ejindu
Email: nejindu@gmail.com
Phone: 2108520014
Division: 35 and over or Co Ed


Name: Emmanuel Arredondo
Email: emmanuelkrends@gmail.com
Phone: 2148822104
Division: Adult. I'm 26

Been playing for 21 years. I'm Center midfielder. I can also play left midfielder and right

Name: Luis Negrete
Email: lnegrete9@gmail.com
Phone: 2148024720
Division: Over -40.

Attacking Mid, Striker, Defensive Mid

Name: Mike Cooper
Email: mikecooper0137@gmail.com
Phone: 8064782704
Division: 4, 29 years old, Mon- Thursday Night

Name: Ariel Montero
Email: amonter0593@hotmail.com
Phone: 7032177125
Division: Men’s open Thursday/Sunday.

Played college D1 in NJCAA and D2 in NCAA. Haven’t played competitively in few years, but looking to change that! I play forward, CDM and keeper if needed.

Name: Cristian Barrera
Email: the61905@hotmail.com
Phone: 972-975-2823
Division: Division 2 Thursday League

I’m a goalkeeper looking to play in division 2 only in the Thursday league, I’m a reliable player who shows up to every game, played in high school and in many divisions around Dallas.

Name: Kevin Zepeda
Email: zepedakev@gmail.com
Phone: 7148138503
Division: Adult/open

Grandpa played professional , been to state cup, nationals and just soccer is my life , super athletic , I am a lefty, I play forward , left middle or right middle since I like to cut in. Played in California but just moved to Texas , idk anybody so hoping to get a competitive team

Name: Farhan Farooqui
Email: farroojaan@gmail.com
Phone: 6782676274
Division: Division 1 - 11v11 Thursday and Sunday

I play as an attacking midfielder, on either wing forward or as the main striker.

I have played soccer since I was 4 - In Saudi Arabia. I moved to the US when I was 16 and continued to play in various professional leagues. Most recently, I was playing in Division 1 of liga MaGG in Atlanta. I just moved to the Dallas area and I am looking for a team.

Name: Andrew
Email: andrewkelso5@gmail.com
Phone: 2103992651
Division: 18+

All elementary, middle, and highschool. Was asked by multiple travel teams to join. I play forward and sometimes midfield

Name: Robbie Heron
Email: rheron15@gmail.com
Phone: 4694325786
Division: 11v11 Men's Open Play Sundays

MF and played for over 20 years of experience with select soccer, HS varsity, JUCO and Military

Name: Saúl Orozco
Email: sr.pacheco70@gmail.com
Phone: 832-996-3528
Division: OV40 or even OV50

Currently playing in FC Karbach at NTPSA, but I'm searching to play in your Dallas Soccer Alliance league, preferred Sundays if possible... thanks in advance!!!

Name: Doug Johnson
Email: djtexas211@gmail.com
Phone: 2144152939
Division: Over 50

Have played a lot of years, last played in 2017, wanting to get back , exercise and have some fun.